Solar Battery Storage

Yes to grid independence

Yes to Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage allows you to store power during off-peak times and capture any overflow energy produced by solar panels or wind turbines.

Storing this energy ‘at the node’ offers you options; you can use the power internally instead of drawing from the grid during peak times, protect your home during blackouts, or sell the energy back to the grid when prices are high. All of which increase your level of energy independence.

‘Grid Desertion’ or ‘Grid Defection’ is becoming more and more popular as homeowners and businesses seek to reduce their energy consumption costs.

Solar batteries work by either storing your excess solar power that would otherwise be sent back to the grid, or by charging during inexpensive non-peak periods throughout the day. At night, during expensive peak periods, you can draw power from the solar battery.

This stored energy can then charge appliances, your electric vehicle, or heat your hot water.
Once the stored energy is depleted, household energy requirements will be fed from the grid. This continues until the solar generation is available the following day.

Options exist to sell any unused, excess energy back to the grid during peak periods when the cost of energy is high.


Unfortunately, there is no easy one size fits all solution for sizing solar batteries. Often, it can be a relatively complex task to determine the right size for a complete solar panel and battery setup.

Typical household or business energy consumption, cost of energy in your area, average sunlight available for capture, and orientation of the roof space, all factor into your overall energy picture.

It all comes down to how much financial value can be 'extracted' from the system. This will ensure the system pays for itself and starts generating savings in future years.

As a rough guide, a quality residential solar panel system has a four-to-five-year payback period.

A bundled residential solar panel system and solar battery solution will have an approximate payback period of six to ten years.

Government subsidies sold energy and vendor incentives can considerably lower this cost recovery timeframe. To find out what incentives are available to you in your state, talk to a SuperGreen specialist.

Solar day and night

Meet your new solar battery system

SuperGreen Solutions offer a complete selection of residential, commmercial and industrial solar battery storage solutions, scaling from 3KW wall attached systems, right up to 1MW shipping container sized units.

Giving Power Back

With power comes strength

Each year, more and more Australian households are joining a solar revolution, and in doing so are ‘taking back their power’ against grid outages and rising energy costs.


Solar batteries store solar power to continuously power your home with energy – day and night, and during blackouts.


Leverage solar power and battery storage to reduce reliance on the grid. Create your own zero emissions home.


Minimise your monthly electricity bill, or better yet, receive credits for the energy you sell back to the grid.

Battery Storage

Power Up your Business

Scale battery storage solutions from light commercial right up to large utility based operations.

Battery solutions can be designed to provide both operational cost benefits and improve employee safety.


Power your business or facility when grid supplied electricity is unavailable.


Discharge your battery during times of peak demand to reduce your energy costs.


Shift your energy consumption to different, and more economical times of the day.

Fully Charged | Tesla Customer Stories

Clint Luna from Queensland, Australia added the Tesla Powerwall battery storage system to his existing solar PV setup. Take a listen to his story.

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Leaders in the battery storage space

SuperGreen Solutions offer high quality and efficient solar panels sourced through manufacturers we know and trust. These companies are at the forefront of solar battery storage technology and in our opinion produce the best lithium-ion solar home batteries available.

Compatible with Australian conditions and grid operators, our partners offer excellent protection for your home, a gateway into green energy trading, and a clear path to a sustainable future.

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Possibly the most popular solar battery storage unit on the market, the Tesla Powerwall’s 5 kW continuous and 7 kW peak power output allows you to power your appliances, or charge your electric vehicle(s). With 24/7 access, you can monitor and control your Tesla Powerwall ecosystem and track your energy usage in real time using the Tesla app. Easy installation and no maintenance, the Tesla Powerwall is a completely automated system designed for any home or small business.

Sonnen is one of the global market leaders in smart solar energy storage with more than 60,000 residential sonnenBatterie systems installed worldwide.


The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent energy storage system which allows its owners to use solar electricity day and night, whilst also enabling users to change the way that they manage and control their energy. It saves money by storing the surplus energy generated by solar panels when its not needed, and makes it available at times when it is needed.


Much more than just a battery, the sonnenBatterie combines technically robust, high quality hardware with cutting edge software intelligence through which sonnen can deliver a range of added-value energy services to consumers.

LG Home Battery solutions are a familiar name housed in a long tradition of delivering quality consumer electronics.


Their RESU home battery systems are compact and lightweight and is designed to allow easy floor our wall mounting, in either indoor or outdoor spaces.


Having partnered with Discover Energy, LG offer an unparalleled 0.45c feed-in-tariff to customers in SA, NSW, VIC, and SE QLD when they join and connect their LG home battery to the energy supplier.


This is one of the highest feed in tariffs in the country, and enables home and business owners to maximise the return on their battery storage systems.

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