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LED Lights and Globes

The LED is currently the best choice in home and commercial lighting applications. LEDs are much cheaper; they consume less power, generate less heat and do not contain the heavy metals associated with previous generations of light globes.

SuperGreen Solutions stocks over 250 popular led light fixtures and models. Talk to us, or drop into one of our product showrooms to view our wide range of:

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LED Lighting Installation

SuperGreen Solutions offer a complete selection of commercial and domestic LED lighting systems. Our specialists work hard to size your system to suit your household requirements and your budget.

Light Bulb Moment

Next generation lighting

The incandescent light bulb has had a long run and it’s just about finished.

A law passed in 2007 pressured manufacturers to improve energy efficiency of incandescent bulbs by 25%. With brightness to be maintained, this is an impossible task. Enter the LED.

image of solar star installed on roof


LEDs use only 10% of the power, and generate approximately 10% of the heat generated by incandescent bulbs.


Less energy consumption means lower electricity bills each month. Longer lifespans lead to fewer light bulb replacements over time.


Other lighting sources use harmful mercury internally as part of their construction. Because of this, they require special handling when disposing. Not so with LEDs.


Replaces the MR 16 halogen down lights. These older halogen light consume a lot more electricity and burn out much faster. The LED replacement is completely dimmable and has been designed to be compatible with most halogen transformers. They’re also quite easy to replace.


If you’re still using GU 10 Halogen lamps, then you need to replace them with the GU 10 LEDs from SuperGreen Solutions. These LED versions only use 15% of the power which leads to lower electric bills. They also minimize heat generated from the light which could save light sensitive fabrics. These LEDs have an average life span of 20,000 hours.

E26 and E27 LED

If you’re looking for E26 and E27 LEDs to replace your old incandescent bulbs, then call SuperGreen Solutions today. These LED bulbs are just great at power saving. They’re also compatible with dimmer switches. These last about 20x longer than normal incandescent bulbs.


With the A19 LED bulb, you can either choose a warm light at 18000 lumens or a cool light shining at a bright 27000 lumens. This LED bulb only uses 15% of what it would normally take to light incandescent bulbs. The omnidirectional light source is encased in strong shatterproof plastic or actual glass. There is no lag time when it comes to turning on as it lights up immediately. The average life of this LED bulb is rated to be 25,000 hours.

LED Tubes

Use T5, T8 and T12 LEDs to replace your fluorescent tube today. Get these LED tubes from SuperGreen Solutions and experience less power consumption from just needing half of the power it takes to light up a fluorescent tube to just about a fourth. These LEDs also last far longer which minimizes on your replacement costs.

LED BayLights

For more environmentally-friendly lighting that emits minimal CO2, swap your metal halide luminary with an LED fitting. The LED fittings rated 150W-200W can replace metal halide rated (250W- 450W). LED will not use up a lot of power, leading to significantly lower electric bills. The LED lights also don’t produce any Ultra Violet (UV) or Infrared (IR) radiation.

Let us install your LED lighting system

If you’re a homeowner considering the addition of an LED lighting solution to your family home or workplace, consider SuperGreen Solutions first. We’re your local, one stop energy efficient product store.

Compare our products online or talk to one of our trained Energy Efficient Specialists at one of our dedicated showrooms today.

A Bright Idea

Need extra light, but don't want to install a skylight?

Consider the Redilite Spectra – a solar panel fed LED lighting system that shines brightest when the sun is out and dims to reflect the day’s passing.

With an additional grid feed and the optional Day/Night control, the Spectra can be turned on at its brightest during the day or night.

Made from high-quality materials and technologies, the Spectra uses Cree LEDs. Cree is known to be the market leader when it comes to efficiency, brightness and durability.

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