Meet the EV Charge Station


An Electric Vehicle Charge Station or EV Charge Station for short is the place where electric vehicles and hybrid cars recharge. There are two main types of output, the 240 volt AC output and the 500 volt DC output.

The 2 Types of EV Stations

  1. Slow Charge – This is also referred to as Level 2 Charge. The output from this type of EV Charge Station is 240 volt AC. With this relatively low output, it would take longer charge times to reach full charge for an EV or hybrid. This is ideal for home installation.
  2. Fast Charge – This is also referred to as Level 1 Charge. The output from this type of EV Charge Station is 500 volt DC. With this relatively high output, it takes only about 30 minutes for a full recharge. This is ideal for commercial stations.

The source of power for these EV charge stations can be the dirty power grid or you can go totally green and connect to your existing PV solar power station or you may set up a power station just for this purpose. If your current solar power station is not fully capable of supporting the EV charge station, then you can choose to connect to both.

Safety Features on the EV Charge Station

There are 2 main safety features on the EV Charge Station. The first are the two sensors that detect when the EV or hybrid is no longer accepting a charge. When they detect this, the power is immediately cut. The other safety feature are circuit breaks found at connection points that cut off the power whenever there is an overload or a short circuit.

The Charging Time Table

Charging time Power supply Voltage Max current
6–8 hours Single phase – 3,3 kW 230 VAC 16 A
2–3 hours Three phase – 10 kW 400 VAC 16 A
3–4 hours Single phase – 7 kW 230 VAC 32 A
1–2 hours Three phase – 24 kW 400 VAC 32 A
20–30 minutes Three phase – 43 kW 400 VAC 63 A
20–30 minutes Direct current – 50 kW 400 – 500 VDC 100 – 125 A

The future is green technology. More and more eco-conscious individuals are demanding greener technology and the rising number of EV and hybrid car owners is testament to this. Soon, malls, schools, commercial and government buildings will soon be outfitted with EV Charge Stations to keep pace with the ever growing number of EVs and hybrids on the road.

Choosing to go green by purchasing an electric or hybrid vehicle is extremely smart. If you only charge at home and have a solar power station, then you potentially could drive your car without having to pay for a charge. EV charge stations are however very convenient especially when travelling long distances or when out on the road for a long time. Still, EVs are still much cheaper to drive and maintain than cars using combustion engines. The added bonus of knowing that you’re making a positive impact on nature is also very much welcome.

Entrepreneurs who wish to capitalize on this new booming trend, need to contact us at SuperGreen Solutions today. We’ll provide you with all the information on the technology and the business side of it. Call us at (07) 4772 7655 for more information.

The ChargeStar’s Updates for GeniePoint

The GeniePoint Platform utilized by E Station’s ChargeStar gets an overhaul and has become much more user friendly. New access features also improved its admin and driver functions.

  • Drivers and admin alike can now manage their accounts with a new layout that is easily accessed via all types of smart devices and desktops.
  • Drivers now receive an SMS alert every time they charge at the station. Charging can also be controlled or stopped with a simple text reply.
  • Live access to data on charge stations connected to the network can now be seen as a map that shows availability and status of each station.
  • Old RFID Cards can now be used to register. Drivers still have the option to obtain new cards if they wish.
  • There are now better payment options that allow drivers to choose between post and pre-paid plans. Pre-paid options also come with or sans automatic top-up options.


The main reasons why customers prefer E-Station:

  • It’s from the largest European manufacturer of charge stations, Circontrol.
  • E-Station has been around since 2009, so the experience and technology is there.
  • An E-Station for home use can be as affordable as $956.
  • EVs and Hybrids are charged faster at commercial stations that are Fast Charge types, than at their homes which are equipped with Slow Charge type systems.
  • Charge Station owners can easily manage their network via ethernet or through smart mobile technology.
  • For added security, swipe card systems can be put in place.
  • There is a two year replacement warranty for every new charge station put up.
  • Entrepreneurs can also avail of the financing and leasing options made available to entrepreneurs putting up commercial EV charge stations.
  • Payment collection is made easy with the help of the management software that is utilized by the ChargeStar Genie network.