Solatube DS

Why the Solatube Daylighting Systems 160DS and 290DS from SuperGreen Solutions are a Great Buy

Solatube is a world leader when it comes to producing high performance daylighting systems. They incorporate state of the art tubular tech to ensure that almost all visible light from the sun is reflected down to the room for the best lighting effect. This makes them ideal for homes and workspaces.

Solatube is one of the most well established manufacturers of light fixtures in Australia. They have an Australian Design Award under their belt to prove that they are the best. SuperGreen Solutions Authorized Solatube agent for over 16 years now and we are as excited as ever to offer their products to our clients.

The Solatube Skylights combine elegant beauty with great engineering to create magnificent lighting effects. All of the parts and the effort that go into making their products create indoor lighting products that make empty, dark spaces more alive and vibrant.

There are two sizes of the Solatube Daylighting systems you can choose from. So whether you have a small or big space that needs additional illumination, then there is a Solatube DS fit for the job. And because they incorporated advanced light capturing technology and design into their Raybender 3000 dome and tube, the Effective Daylight Capture Surface or EDCS of this product is actually double that of other tubular skylights from other brands.

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How the Daylight Systems from Solatube Work

Solatube put their best sunlight collecting and light delivering technologies into their Daylight Systems to bring more than 99% of visible sunlight down to the room where the skylight is installed. The dome technology is patented and its brought down through Spectralight Infinity Tubing which is made up of the world’s most reflective material. This reflected sunlight is then diffused to ensure that light emitted by the Daylight Systems is soft and evenly distributed.
The Daylight Systems, much like any other product from Solatube, is backed by the company’s strong warranty. In fact, there is a money back guarantee challenge offered by Solatube to anyone who can find a more efficient and more durable skylighting product. Call us today to learn more.

Heavenly Intelligent Skylighting

Reasons to Buy the Heavenly Intelligent Skylight
With the Heavenly Intelligent Daylight you’re going to turn usually gloomy home or workspace into a brighter space that’s full of life. This skylight uses very reflective aluminum tubing to bring in 96% of the natural daylight that it collects. This lovely natural daylight ambience is achieved at a very reasonable price.

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The Heavenly Intelligent Skylight Features

  • Uses optimal light bending design and technology
  • Can be installed easily
  • Is able to deliver 96% of the light collected
  • Roof profiles are designed to be leak proof
  • Delivers soft light to produce a daylight ambience
  • Can be upgraded with Add on kits

Heavenly Intelligent Skylight Advantages

  • It comes with a warranty that lasts 8 years
  • It brightens a room automatically along with the sun
  • The light is produces is soft and diffused
  • It’s ideal for putting on makeup
  • It’s ideal for shaving
  • There is no artificial yellow or amber tint

Specifications of the Heavenly Intelligent Skylight

There are two tubing sizes fit for different size rooms. For smaller rooms up to 3 square meters, you can use the 250 mm tubing. For bigger rooms up to 5 square meters, you can use the 400 mm diameter tubing.
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The Affordable Econotube Flexible Shaft Tubular Skylight

If you want a more affordable skylighting option, then the Econotube Flexible Shaft Skylight is for you. This is an economy tubular skylight that uses premium quality materials to deliver beautiful natural ambient daylight to a room. The Econotube uses premium Solatube rooftop elements to capture and deliver sunlight down to the room that requires illumination.

The Features of the Econotube Flexible Shaft Skylight

  • It come with a warranty that lasts 7 years
  • Will brighten the room automatically along with the sun
  • Delivers natural ambient light from the sun
  • Great for putting on makeup
  • Great for shaving
  • Brightens up a room with soft light, making it more alive
  • Doesn’t shine with an artificial yellow glow

Specifications of the Econotube Flexible Shaft Skylight

There are two sizes of the tube available. The smaller size comes with a 250mm diameter tube. This is ideal for smaller rooms. The bigger size comes with a 400 mm diameter tube. This is ideal for larger rooms.

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The Solaro Day Solar Powered Skylight

Reasons to Purchase the Solar Day

The Solaro Day is a skylight that replicates the natural results of tubular skylights with use of solar panels. Since this artificial sky light can’t be used when there’s no sun, SuperGreen solutions offers a back-up battery to act as its main power source when it’s extremely cloudy or when it’s nighttime.

The Solaro Day will make a room brighter and more vibrant with the use of solar powered replicated daylight.
Get the Solaro Day if you want to have a skylight but don’t want to run a large tube through a hole in the roof. You can also enjoy the full spectrum daylight that it produces even at night with the use of a back up battery.

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The Spectra from REDi-lite

The Spectra from REDi-lite emits artificial daylight that replicates how true sunlight delivered through a tubular skylight acts. The Spectra is ideal to illuminate dark parts of your home or workspace that may be constantly under the shade of something. Because it’s a hybrid powered light, you can also make use of its switch to tap into the grid for ambient daylighting at night.

Functions of the REDi-lite Spectra

The Spectra produces artificially produced daylight that acts according to how the sun acts. If the sunlight’s intensity increases, then the daylight that’s emitted by the Spectra also increases in brightness. During times when the sky is covered by clouds and the sun is blocked, the daylight produced also becomes dimmer.
If you prefer to have the Spectra switched on and kept at its most brightest, then you can get the Day/Night kit upgrade. With this kit installed, you can use the full brightness of the Spectra any time of the day or night. You can do so whether it’s running on solar power or grid power.
The Spectra boasts the world’s best LEDs from Cree. Cree is known to produce the most energy efficient and brightest LEDs in the market.
REDi-lite supports this product with a long warranty which ensures that you’ll get the most out of this awesome product.
Watch the video on the Spectra here.

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