Solar Pumps save Thousands in energy costs

SuperGreen Solar

Could our Pool be costing you $1000- $2000 Per year in electricity to run.
Take the Sting out of summer energy Bills with a Solar Pump to your pool & save Thousands on pool running costs this summer.

As, if the rising power prices were not bad enough. When you see how much a Pool Pump can cost to run, (Over $1600 per year in the example below). It makes sense to consider the Solar Pump options.

1. Install a full Solar PV Power system viagra generika online kaufen. ( From $4555 for a 5 KW PV Solar System fully installed)
2. Install a Solar Powered Pool Pump. (Several options depending on pool size are available)

Why keep paying the power bill when a Solar Pump can put and end to nasty power prices and increase the value of your home.

Call SuperGreen Solutions for your Solar Pump for your pool, Energy Storage and several other Green Solutions. 07 4772 7655.

Sun Smart Pool Pumps

SunSmart Solar Pool Pump Savings


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