SuperGreen at Storage360 PowerWall Training.

Tesla Powerwall Demo

Sean at Tesla

SuperGreen at 360Storage Tesla Energy Training. Sean and James from SuperGreen Solutions Townsville recently attend the Storage360 Authorised Agent PowerWall Training in Melbourne. The team said “We learned a lot about how the Tesla PowerWall works and saw the Tesla Electric Vehicle Chargers. We learned how Tesla’s views the energy storage market, where it will grow to and learned about their vision for the future.  We were part of the installation process and gained hands on experience from the 360Storage Authorised Agent training yesterday in Melbourne”. Sean said that, “The support from the Tesla Energy team, the 360Storage Team, Fronius Hybrid Inverters, SMA Hybrid Inverters and the new SolarEdge Technologies Inverter is impressive.”

Sean was exited to say. ” We have a PowerWall waiting for us in Store, so we can’t wait to erect our new Energy storage unit in our Showroom next week. ”

To learn more about Energy Storage or see the PowerWall for yourself, pop past our Showroom on Ingham Road, next week.

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SMA Powerwall

Tesla PW Agent1


Tesla Demo PowerWall

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