Tesla PowerWall 2.0 vs PowerWall 1.0 Comparison

Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla PowerWall 2.0 will be Available in AUS from Feb / March 2017. We are taking orders on a ‘first come – first served basis’. The Main differences can be seen below.
Tesla PowerWall 1.0 will still suit most needs & is available right now. Call one of our Energy Experts for more info as to which unit will best suit your needs.

ENERGY Storage has become such talking point popular over the last year or so especially as homeowners and businesses aim to drive their cost of energy down. In fact ‘grid desertion’ or ‘grid defection’ is becoming more and more prevalent. Storing power made by renewable power sources such as PV solar panels is smart from a fiscal point of view and it is really green as well. As the Gap between the price paid for power, from a power company and what you pay for Solar Power and an Energy Storage system has narrowed. This is because the Price of batteries has fallen to a price level where they have become accessible to the average family. More and more home owners have been looking to go “OFF GRID” or ‘Mostly off Grid’ and the new Tesla PowerWall batteries have lead the charge in making this possible.

Many of our clients love the fact that they can use Solar power and battery power in the event of a power outage or Cyclone. (Many North Queenslanders remember all to well what it was like, being with out power after Cyclone Yasi.)  So having that “Back Up Power” feature is really handy, as it offers energy independence and energy security.

SuperGreen Solutions managing director Sean Cochrane said his Locally owned company for over 17 years is dedicated to helping clients reduce their power needs with a range of energy saving products. Mr. Cochrane said there was much more to SuperGreen Solutions than just solar power systems.

“We have North Queensland’s only energy efficient products showroom which includes displays for LED lighting, sky lighting, solar-powered roof vents and improved insulation and energy management products. We focus on these areas because we look to help our clients reduce their consumption before we focus on helping them produce more power with renewable energy solutions, as it’s cheaper to produce less power for energy efficient homes. “Then we help them to produce the power they need and enable them to

store some of that power, to be used at night or in a blackout which could be from a cyclone or when power prices spike.

“Simply put, surplus power made by the PV solar system, not used during the day can be stored in the batteries for night time or use during a cyclone and the overflow power that cannot be stored in the batteries can simply be sold back to the grid.

In many places around the world ‘time of use’ billing has become more popular. i.e. The new Tariff 12A from Energy Queensland. “This means that power prices can increase to up to three times the normal rate at peak demand times. “That is when clients with our energy storage units will really see the benefit of their investment, as they can program their batteries to discharge when the prices peak”.

Energy storage is giving the “Power Back to the People.” As homeowners can literally control when they use power, store power and how much power they wish to sell back into the grid.

Lets face it, why should you sell your Green Power for around 7c /KWH? When you can simply store it in a Tesla PowerWall and use it during the night or in the event of a power outage?

SuperGreen Solutions is offering free advice and big discounts solar power, solar hot water and battery storage systems from now until the 22nd of Dec. Why not call in and see the new PowerWall and other energy saving and cyclone busting products on display at the 161 Ingham Rd showroom?

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PowerWall Comparison
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