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The Tesla Powerwall 2 gets Enhanced.

Just when you thought Tesla had released a superb Energy storage device.  Tesla, seem to continually find ways to enhance their products.

Team SuperGreen Solutions are pleased to bring you the latest news about these great enhancements that have just been made to the Powerwall 2:

  • Stackable – Wall mounted or floor mounted, stack up to ten Powerwall 2 units to power homes of any size. (previously nine)
  • Useable Capacity – 13.5 kWh (previously 13.2 kWh)
  • Efficiency – >90% round-trip (previously 89%)
  • 30% Smaller than the Powerwall 1.
  • More than double the power capacity of the Powerwall 2.

SuperGreen Tesla

Besides these great features it will be pleasing for North Queenslanders to know that they come with a Power Outage – Back up feature. Which means that you can use your Stored battery power in the event of a black out or cyclone.

See the Team at SuperGreen Solutions Aus and book your Powerwall 2 now.


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